Warisan Merdeka PNB118 Underground Road Network

SCOPE: Conceptual/Preliminary Design of Temporary Earth Retaining System for Cut-and-Cover Road Tunnels

The project involves the construction of a single tower block of 118 storeys for commercial development and as well as a 6-level basement. The proposed road network surrounding the development includes at-grade road, underground road tunnel and elevated viaduct.

Our Services
  • Assess geotechnical conditions of the proposed site and produce Geotechnical Interpretative Report;
  • Study different types of temporary works and make recommendation for a suitable and cost-effective system;
  • Carry out analysis and conceptual design for the temporary earth retaining system for cut-and-cover tunnel;
  • Carry out preliminary impact assessment due to deep excavation for cut-and-cover tunnel;
  • Provide support during tender and construction stage.