The significance of Engineering and Infrastructure Development to nation building is enormous. Engineers, technologists, environmentalists, construction workers and all involved play a pivotal role in driving the construction industry. Hence AEM acknowledges the importance of ensuring and putting into practice a high standard of Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy.

There are many identifiable HSE risks in all engineering projects. In our efforts to recognize these risks, we have developed our policy with a clear objective of putting safety above all other variables in the design and engineering of our projects. We implement mandatory guidelines by DOSH & NIOSH, adopt proven and accepted HSE strategies, internal controls and procedures, key performance indicators, etc to achieve our HSE objectives in all our Projects. 

Study all HSE aspects of a project and identify the potential risks at stake.

Explore all alternatives on the table to mitigate the risks deemed necessary.

Maintain a safe, environmental friendly and healthy working environment and inculcate a healthy working culture within AEM.

Ensure all Engineers and Staffs all well trained with the skills and awareness of HSE practices at the work place.

Our Engineers are encouraged to be innovative in the designs with a mindset of thinking and producing sustainable engineering that conforms to client’s requirements and the needs of the general public at large at the same time environmentally conducive.

Maintain a high code of ethics in project delivery and execution at the design office as well as work sites.

Engage with all parties concerned to inform on issues and shortcomings in HSE practices for continuous improvement to meet the project HSE targets.